‘We Will Crush Trouble Makers On Election Day’- Ghana Army Warns

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The military has issued a stern warning to recalcitrants and anyone who wants to foment trouble on the day of the election by saying they are ready to crush such people.

This was made known during to the media after a simulation exercise on Monday by General Officer Commanding, Southern Command of the Ghana Army, Brigadier General Abraham Yeboah Nsiah

According to him, the military has the full capacity to deal with any electoral dispute before it spirals out of control. He emphasized that the Military especially in the Western and Western North regions are together and will work extremely hard at ensuring that they protect the country from any mishap.

“The security services in the Western region and Western North region, we are united, we are together. We stand together, we support each other, we are ever prepared for the task ahead of us. Ghanaians have vested their trust in us and we are telling them that we are ready. We are assuring them that we are ready to defend them when the time comes,” he said while speaking to the media.







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