We Will Fight Your Battles For You– Nigerians Root For Meghan Markle After Saying She Is 43% Nigerian

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, has opened up on her African roots, revealing that she is 43% Nigerian.

In her latest episode on her podcast, Archetypes, Markle noted that she confirmed her roots after she took a genealogy test a few years ago.

Following the revelation, Nigerians on Twitter have expressed excitement over the announcement as some proceeded to give her indigenous names.

A tweep @Cryptoaristocr4, said, “Duchess, your battles are our own now. Don’t worry, your enemies are our enemies and your friends our friends. So you’re Nigerian. No wonder the drive is there. The poise, self-confidence, and self-belief. God bless you, your Highness.”

Anoter tweep, @LuciaPrincess8, wrote, “Meghan’s work ethics should have been a clear indication that she’s got some Nigerian blood in her. Nigerians are one of the most hardworking people.”

An excited @gayleLackey11 tweeted, “Okay Meghan is 43% Nigerian. You go, girl. I love it!”

Suggesting Nigerian names for the duchess, @Roma49397809, said, “Meghan Markle says she is 43% Nigerian, so let us decide her name: Igbo – Meghan chinyere markle, Hause – Meghan Amina markle. Yoruba – Meghan Bissi Markle, Edo – Meghan Ochoge Markle.”

“Me finding out Meghan Markle is 43% Nigerian makes so much sense. Shout out to my Nigerian sister,” @here4v1bes said.

@Roseangel009 said, “Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex reveals that she is 43% Nigerian. No wonder! I felt sisterly love for her. Her pain seems to be my pain then. I was really touched the way she was treated in the Royal house then.”

However, popular Twitter influencer, Daniel Regha, knocked Nigerians for celebrating over Meghan’s news.

He wrote, “When Queen Elizabeth died, most Nigerians were quick to condemn the entire Royal family due to their acts during the colonial era, but today same Nigerians are jubilating because Meghan Markle (Duchess of Sussex) claims to be 43% Nigerian. So what changed? Nigeria my country.”



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