We’d still have lost the petition if Angel Gabriel was our witness, the judges had made up their minds – NDC

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The National Democratic Congress NDC believes their chances of winning the Election 2020 Petition was slim because the judges who sat on the case had an agenda against them.

According to the party’s Director of Elections Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, the NDC would still have lost the election petition if they had metaphorically presented Angel Gabriel as their witness.

Discussing the fallouts of the election petition case and the reforms the NDC believe needs to be made as far as elections are a concern, Mr Afriyie Ankrah said they shouldn’t have lost the petition if not for the ulterior agenda of the judges to rule against them long before the start of the legal exercise.

“We have been to court with the NPP before. They brought pink sheets, go and read the judgement of the court, so we are not daft.

“When you are going to court on a case you do your research and you look at what the judges say on various issues and then you build your case basis on those precedences so you look at when pick sheets were produced what was the posture of the Supreme Court?

“I was in court almost every day, the posture of the court and the fact that consistently on every single issue there was unanimity, even if we had taken all the pink sheets in this world and added Angel Gabriel as a witness with Angel Michael as a technical advisor it will still have been unanimous, unfortunately, that is my view. It appeared as if they had just  made up their minds that  they were not going to listen to us.”


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