Weird: Friends Cover Birthday Boy With Filth To Celebrate Him On His Birthday

On your first sight of the pictures, you’d think that the man is being lynched for a crime he committed, but no, that’s just how his friends have chosen to celebrate him on his birthday.

Birthday celebrant laying in filth
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It’s quite a normality for people to soak their friends in water when they are celebrating their birthday and this has led to some hiding their birthdays from their friends.

This time, these friends of the said man from Nigeria decided to do it quite differently and it’s so weird that you’d think he’s being punished for a crime.

The covered him with filth, you’d almost think that he’s a mad man.

Pictures of the incident were shared on Twitter by one Daveyson. One of the friends standing with a stick in hand by the birthday celebrant who was laying on the ground with rubbish all over him suggests that they might have flogged him in addition.

People would most definitely doubt the information put out there by Daveyson as one would struggle to understand why a birthday celebration would go to this extent when they could throw a party for him or shower him with gifts.

“This guy didn’t steal money, he didn’t kill anybody, he didn’t steal his neighbour’s goat, he’s only celebrating his birthday. look at that one holding 2 by 2,” he wrote as he shared the pictures.


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