Weird: Marriage Ends At Wedding Reception As Groom’s People Weren’t Served Food

This is quite something you’ve never witnessed or head about before, but in our world today, weird things happen and this story of a couple calling it quits even before they put up together as husband and wife, is one to get you thinking.

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A lady purportedly part of the groom’s family has narrated how the marriage ended right at the wedding reception as the groom’s people weren’t served food.

The lady identified as Ngozi saw the fun part of the whole story as she said it ended in what she called, “premium tears”.

“Omo the wedding I attended today ended in PREMIUM TEARS. I have never witnessed such before wtf!!!” Ngozi began, as she tells what unfolded.

So the groom got pissed off over the fact his people weren’t served food. The matter escalated, according to Ngozi, when the bride decided to console the groom.

“Sooo the groom was angry they didn’t serve his people food. So the bride went to console him and calm his down next thing he shouted at her in front of everyone that she should get out from his sight,” she continued.

The bride left to be on her own too and then groom comes over to enquire if the marriage goes on or not, the bride said she isn’t marrying again and groom said same, ending what was a proud moment for the two.

“She left quietly and went to sit down, next thing he came to meet her and asked her if she is still going with him. Bride said she is not marrying again, groom said him too is not marrying,” Ngozi narrated further.

The marriage formerly ended as quickly as it began when the two families clashed, bringing to an end what could qualify as a Nollywood masterpiece.

Ngozi concluded; “In conclusion bride and groom family clashed. Everyone parted ways including bride and groom.”



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