Welcome To Ghana Where We Have Abundance Of Timber, Cocoa And Gold Yet Students Sit Under Trees And On The Bare Floor To Study – Kwame Aplus Blasts Government

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Ghanaian musician cum political analyst, Kwame Aplus has fired more shots at the incumbent NPP Government for failing to provide furniture for students to be able to have a decent education.

According to Kwame Aplus, the citizens in Arab countries drive big cars with big engines because they have oil while students in Ghana can’t enjoy decent education despite having abundance of Timber, Cocoa and Gold.

“In Arab countries like UAE, 🇦🇪 citizens drive cars with big engines because they have oil 🛢 and the price of fuel is cheap. In Ghana, we have gold but citizens wear “alumi.” (Sia you dey come insult me sake of this post, “red gold green, red gold green” you see gold before?). We have timber but school kids lack desks in the classroom. We have cocoa but most children who have endured child labour on cocoa farms have never seen or tasted chocolate 🍫 before and even if their eyes are fortunate to behold a bar of chocolate, because the pocket is emptier than a bankers heart, it will only cause salivating without mastication.

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