We’ll vote against NPP if Bawumia is not chosen to lead the party for the 2024 polls – NPP Youth

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We'll vote against NPP if Bawumia is not chosen to lead the party for the 2024 polls – NPP Youth

Some youth of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) have said they will not agree for any candidate to lead the party for the 2024 polls other than Vie President Bawumia.

These were comments made by these individuals after Bawumia issued a statement urging Ghanaians to disregard posters making rounds presenting him as a potential presidential candidate.

These youth believe the Vice President is being manipulated and made to succumb to the party’s internal pressure especially when Alan Kyeremanteng appears to be the favourite candidate to lead the party.

Commenting under the Vice President’s post on his Facebook page, these youth said they are ready to vote against the NPP should Bawumia be bypassed as the preferred candidate to lead the party for the 2024 polls.

According to them, they believe the 8-year jinx where a new party is voted into power to steer the affairs of the nation need to be broken and it will only take Bawumia for that to happen.

Nash GH wrote: We are happy to for this release but we believe that this is the time for history to be set and we know very well that promoting bawumia for 2024 will not in any way stop him him from helping the president to put the economy in good shape, Ghana will continue to atand on these strong economic foundationals the vice president ,chairman of the EMT laid, ultimately, we are of the conviction that with Dr Bawumia Npp will surely break the 8.

Big Gathy Gh commented: Those doing the posters please don’t mind Dr. Bawumia and Gideon continue the good work by posting all over the country. Dr. Bawumia stands tall to be nx prez of Ghana. Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia take a closer look at ur wife she deserves to be first lady of Ghana. The universe has chosen u nd ur wife. We de ur back

Darko Joseph wrote: Step in the right direction, However they dare not change the Will of the people when the time is due. Is either you’re leading the party in 2024 to break the 8 or NPP should forget winning 2024

Aliu Najeeb wrote: Noted! But Dr you were chosen by the Almighty God to break that “8” you ought to kindly consent for you tirelessness & sleepless years together with his Excellency the president and so don’t allow any detractor’s action lead you to succumb your responsibility. The cup fits you so kindly wear it . We must break the “8”

Agyeman Osei Manu wrote: I don’t see the need for this letter, Gideon you and your Boss could have done far better by keeping silent. It’s time for Bawumia to come, the primaries must be done on consensus to give Bawumia the fullest concentration. The National executive committee must note this, Bawumia must succeed Akufo-Addo based on concensus. #We will post them 100times

Kuami Saahene wrote: If anyone is giving the slot as npp flagbearer besides Bawumia,trust me, I will vote against my own party npp.

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