Wendy Shay Proves Ownership of Customized Jeep Wrangler

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Wendy Shay just ‘Shayed’ on her haters by proving that the customized Jeep Wrangler is hers.

The ‘Uber Driver’ hitmaker has been receiving backlash ever since she showcased her new car. It was alleged that Wendy Shay was only using the car to show off because the car belonged to another person and DVLA also denied knowing about such registration details (Shay-23-19)

However, she has posted on her Instagram page to prove everyone wrong with the hashtags #ashewooo #SHAY23-19 #atamfob3kolowbattery

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It is safe to say now that, music has given the new artiste more than just apple products.

Congratulations Shay!!

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