Wendy’s boyfriend Reacts, Says She’s Alive And That She Faked Her Own Death To Extort Money From Him -The Gist

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We shared some story here hours ago about a video vixen who had lost her life. According to the initial report, she bled to death and it was revealed in a chat she had with a friend before her death that, her boyfriend had used her for money ritual.

Now the story has turned. We are learning that the girl who is known as Wendy faked her own death in an attempt to extort money from her boyfriend and also to make paint him bad.

We gather her boyfriend has impregnated another girl, so the girl also faked the whole death thing so the media publishes it and even pictures of him so as to be labeled as a ritualist.

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The boyfriend, via the comment section on Instablog’s story has revealed that Wendy is very much alive, as her family and friends are trying to extort him.

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He wrote; “You all are fools, she is alive; they are trying to collect money from me. Useless family.”

Note: Yabaleftonline.com claims to have pictures of the boyfriend, but won’t be sharing them, due to some reasons.

Check on the below convo;

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