Thursday, November 26, 2020

What A Wow! Stonebwoy Welcomes Baby Just 6 Months After Marriage & It Has Confirmed Our Earlier Report

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When reports came out that Stonebwoy was getting married, I must say that I was stunned-Not that I wasn’t expecting him to get married someday but more because I never saw it coming. No one really got the hint that he was dating Louisa until it was announced that he was getting married within a few days.

Stonebwoy got married to Louisa in June 2017 and reported sometime in July that she was heavily pregnant but Stonebwoy had denied our report that Louisa was pregnant but pregnancy is not something you can hide forever and now there’s news that his wife, Louisa has given birth–Now you know BLOGGERS, don’t LIE for anything, your celebrities are the ones who enjoy lying.

We are excited for the couple but it does not change our stance when the wedding was announced that, Stonebwoy was pressured to marry her immediately the family got to know that their daughter was pregnant as they didn’t want their ‘educated’ daughter to give birth out of wedlock.–Which pretty much explains, why no one saw it coming.

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There are also other rumours that, the girl’s mum did not like Stonebwoy and so they only way for Bwoy to get her to accept him was to impregnate her…LOL

Well, Stoneybwoy made the announcement on his Snapchat and from the expression on his face in the image below, one could easily tell he was super-excited!


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