What Are the Apocryphal Books?

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The Apocryphal Books is a collection of ancient books which is believed to have been written between 200 BC and AD 400. These books are considered part of the Bible by the Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church. However, the Protestant denominations do not accept them but only consider the normal 39 books in the Bible. So what are these Apocryphal Books? Let’s find out.

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What Books Are in the Apocrypha?

The following are some of the books in the Apocrypha.

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· The First Book of Esdras

· The Second Book of Esdras

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· The Book of Tobit

· The Book of Judith

· Additions to the Book of Esther

· The Book of Wisdom

· The Book of Sirach

· The Book of Baruch

· The Epistle of Jeremiah

· Additions to the Book of Daniel

· The Prayer of Manasses

· The Additional Psalm

· The First Book of Maccabees

· The Second Book of Maccabees

· The Third Book of Maccabees

· The Fourth Book of Maccabees

Why Are The Apocryphal Books Rejected?

The Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church accept these books however with most Protestant denominations, the Apocryphal is frowned upon. So why do most scholars reject them?

  • Manuscript Evidence, not enough: Most of the books in the Bible have a line of tradition backing them but with the Apocryphal, such evidence is not enough. And so, scholars believe that they should not be part of the Bible.
  • Some believed the Apocryphal books were not divinely inspired and so excluded them from the canon. Many believed that the books were authored by a human instead of God.
  • Some of the Apocryphal books seem to contradict the Bible. For example, the Book of Wisdom describes the soul as good but the body as bad, “a weight upon the soul” (Wisdom 9:15), and the Book of Tobit says that people can be saved by giving alms (Tobit 12:9). However, the Bible says that we are saved by grace and faith in Jesus and not through our works.
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