What Are The Lost Books Of The Holy Bible?

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There are several concerns about the lost books in the Bible. Are there really lost books in the Holy Bible? Most Holy Bibles which are read by Protestants have 66 books.

Some of the Bibles that are published for Roman Catholic readers have what is generally known as Apocrypha which also includes some additional books such as the Books of Enoch.

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Are Pseudepigrapha and Apocrypha Lost Books?

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Pseudepigrapha and the Apocrypha are two titles for specific groups of old manuscripts.

Apocrypha: Deuterocanonical works that offer the Bible some historical background but are not regarded as canonical works of the Holy Bible. Below, we’ll look at a few of the apocryphal books available in Christianity. They are enjoyable to read, but they lack the divine inspiration and illumination of the Bible.

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Pseudepigrapha: They are works published using pseudonyms. In later ages, it was common practice for people to pretend to be authors (like Mary or one of the Apostles) in order to influence the people of those days.

Peudipigraphal books also assert that Jesus Christ said certain things that conflict with his teachings in the New Testament. Often, these books would have some antibiblical doctrines, such as Gnosticism, mixed in with their content.

Gospel of Thomas: One of the most notorious pseudepigrapha books is the Gospel of Thomas. This book goes so far as to claim that women could not inherit the kingdom of God unless God changed them into men, in addition to supporting gnostic principles. It’s a rather bizarre book, so if you decide to read it, I strongly advise using caution.

Jubilees Book: This work fails the canonicity test in a number of ways, even though it seems to have some insight into the historicity of Genesis and the classes of angels.

Although there is no obvious author, it appears to have been composed during the New Testament era. It also begs the question of the author’s motivations given that the early church was fighting various heresies that emerged at the time it was written.


Lost Books of the Bible Are Mentioned in Scripture? 

The War Book

This book, The War Book, which is mentioned in Numbers 21:14, is likely full of information on the Israelites’ wars and how God provided for them while they were engaged in conflict.


The Book of Annals of Kings

One is particularly cited for Solomon as we can record in 1 Kings 11, and then one is again cited for all the kings of Israel and Judah as recorded in 1 Kings 14. (1 Kings 15). It’s likely that the Book of Annals of Monarchs retained thorough historical records of the actions taken by the kings when they were in power.

If this book ever reappears, we’ll probably learn some fresh information about events that happened during the Old Testament era, even though there may be some overlap with what we read in Scripture.

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Other Letters From Paul To The Corinthians

Only two of the four letters Apostle Paul wrote are available for us to read. Perhaps listeners didn’t find the other two to be motivating since they focused more on the details and operations of the Corinthian church than on spiritual guidance. Perhaps the two letters were just forgotten by time.

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