What Caused Quintana Roo Dunne’s Death?  

Quintana Roo Dunne was an American Renowned Personality, Writer, Celebrity Family Member, and Entrepreneur from Santa Monica, California.

Quintana Roo Dunne Profile 

Name Quintana Roo Dunne
Date of Birth 3 March 1966
Date of Death 26 August 2005 
Age(at the time of death) 39 years old
Place of Birth Santa Monica, California, United States
Profession Entrepreneur and Celebrity Partner
Cause of Death Acute Pancreatitis
Alma Mater Reputed University
Education Graduate
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Religion Christian
Height  5′ 7″ inches
Weight 55 kg

Quintana Roo Dunne’s Early Life

Quintana Roo Dunne was born on March 3, 1966, in Santa Monica, California, United States. Her zodiac sign was Pisces. 

Quintana Roo Dunne’s Height

Quintana Roo Dunne stood at a height of 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighed around 55 kilograms. She had a nice body figure and is in good health. Her hair was blonde, and she had blue eyes.

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Quintana Roo Dunne’s Parents

There’s no information about Quintana Roo Dunne’s parents but Joan Didion and her husband, John Gregory Dunne, were the first to adopt her. 

Quintana Roo Dunne
Quintana Roo Dunne before her demise was married to Gerry Michael.

Quintana Roo Dunne’s Nationality 

Quintana Roo Dunne holds an American nationality and mixed ethnicity.

Quintana Roo Dunne’s Career

Aside from being an entrepreneur, Quintana Roo Dunne starred in the 2017 Netflix documentary series, Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold. Griffin Dunne, her cousin, directed it.

What Caused Quintana Roo Dunne’s Death? 

Quintana Roo Dunne died of pneumonia in 2003. Reports say she had progressed to septic shock and banged her head on the asphalt after collapsing at the airport. 

As a result, she had brain surgery for hematoma. Quintana Roo Dunne died on August 26, 2005, at the age of 39, as a result of severe pancreatitis. She passed away in New York’s Presbyterian Hospital. 

Quintana Roo Dunne
Quintana Roo Dunne was adopted by Joan Didion and her husband, John Gregory Dunne. Details about her parents are not known.

Quintana Roo Dunne Husband & Marriage

Quintana Roo Dunne on July 26, 2003, got married to Gerry Michael. 

Her mother, Joan, also posted wedding images of Quintana and Gerry on the internet. Quintana looked stunning in a white gown for her wedding. Gerry, her husband, stood at her side till her death on August 26, 2005.

Quintana Roo Dunne’s Net worth

Quintana Roo Dunne had a net worth estimated at $500K in 2005.

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