What caused Robert Lupone death? Was Robert Lupone married?

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Robert Lupone was a renowned American actor and artistic director who is known very well as the brother of actress Patti Lupone.

Throughout his life on earth and being an actor, he played a vital role working on stage, in film, and in television before his ultimate death just days ago.

The major question however on everyone’s lips now is What caused Robert Lupone death and this piece of write up is going to explain in to details what exactly led to the actor’s death.

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What caused Robert Lupone death?

On August 27, 2022, a sad news hit the entire world confirming that Robert Lupone has passed away. It was also later confirmed that the actor died from pancreatic cancer, at the age of 76, a sickness he has been battling for years now.

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Robert’s death was communicated to the public via a statement from MCC which reads:

“The MCC Theater community mourns the loss of our much loved and uniquely inspiring partner, colleague, and dear friend, Bob LuPone, who lived fearlessly and with great curiosity, good humor, a boundless passion for connection, and a whole lot of heart. We will miss him deeply and always,”

Robert Lupone Biography 

Born as Robert Francis Lupone, the actor was born on July 29, 1946 in New York City, United States Of America and grew up to establish a name for himself as one of the biggest actors out there.

Robert Lupone
Robert Lupone

His Career hit the topmost level in 1970 and has maintained that consistency until 2019 when health issues aren’t permitting him anymore.

Was Robert Lupone married ?

Robert Lupone before his departure from earth has been a good husband and a father, he was married to a woman he loved so much And cherished that he made her his wife, Virginia. Their union was blessed with the birth of one child, a male.

Who is Virginia Lupone

Virginia Lupone is the loving wife of Robert Lupone, the pair has been together for years before Robert sadly passed away.


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