What Did Zyahna Bryant Do? Dove Partners With Blm Activist Accused Of Wrongly Getting White Student Expelled

People on social media are upset with Dove because the company collaborated with Black Lives Matter activist Zyanha Bryant to push “fat liberation.” Let’s find out what Zyahna Bryant did as we explore the theme of how Dove Partners with Blm activist is accused of wrongly getting a white student expelled.

Bryant has received criticism when allegations surfaced that she was responsible for the expulsion of a white student at her institution due to a “misheard” comment.

Some responses to the union are as follows:



Who is Zyanha Bryant?

Zyanha Bryant is a student activist and community organizer at the University of Virginia. She is 22 years old. She recently posted on her Instagram that she was now a “Dove ambassador.” She talked about how she wanted people to stop making fun of people who are overweight.

Bryant said in a video, “I think we should always put the voices and experiences of the most marginalized people and groups at the center.”

“So, when I think about what fat liberation means to me, I think about putting the voices of people who live in and get around spaces and institutions with fat bodies at the centre.”

She wrote in the video’s description, “Fat freedom is something we should all talk about… Use the phrase #SizeFreedom and tag @dove to share your story about what Fat Liberation means to you.

People all over the country have praised Bryant’s work for Black Lives Matter. It was said that she was the one who got the figure of Robert E. Lee taken down in Charlottesville.

But in the past few months, she has also been criticized for going to a lot of trouble to get a white student named Morgan Bettinger kicked off school.

The event happened in July of 2020. Bettinger drove down a street where BLM protesters were gathering by accident.

She later told Reason magazine that she saw a dump truck stopping part of the road, but she didn’t care because the road wasn’t totally closed. When she found out that traffic was not allowed on the road, she chose to park her car and find out what was going on.

Bettinger talked to the truck driver, and as she walked by, they had a short chat. “It’s a good thing you’re here, because if you weren’t, these people would have been speed bumps,” Bettinger remembers telling the driver, trying to praise his efforts to stop traffic.

The driver later told local cops that what Bettinger said was true.

Bryant heard part of the talk and said on Twitter that Bettinger said the protesters “would make good speedbumps.” She also sent a video of Bettinger driving backwards down the street while Bryant and other protesters follow behind.

“She then called the police and started crying, saying we were attacking her,” Bryant said.

The tweet went viral, and it didn’t take long for internet sleuths to figure out who Bettinger was. After that, Bryant started to ask school officials to kick Bettinger out.

“EMAIL these UVA deans right now to demand that Morgan face consequences for her actions and that UVA stops graduating racists,” she tweeted.

She also told the University Judiciary Committee, which is a student-run punishment system, that Bettinger had put the health and safety of students in danger. The group decided that Bettinger was right to threaten the protesters.

Bettinger did graduate from UVA, but she will always have a mark on her record. This will probably make it hard for her to go to law school like she had planned.

She told Reason magazine, “This whole thing has made a big difference in my life.” “The university has never had to explain what happened because of what they did.”



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