What do y’all want from me? Tell me – Black Sherif says after he was dragged over a comment he made while in Nigeria

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Black Sherif is having a torrid time lately following the fog of controversy shrouding his contract gaffe with US-based distribution company, Empire.

Before the dust of that brouhaha even settles down, he’s being dragged online by a tweep for a comment he made in Nigeria during a radio interview.

In the said interview, Blacko had said he feels safer in Lagos than in Accra to which a tweep emerged to slam him for the gross misinformation.

The Twitter user, Bobbee said, ‘Black Sherif told a Nigerian YouTuber that Lagos is safer than Accra, wow.’

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The post caught the Ghanaian rapper, singer, and songwriter who emotionally asked what Ghanaians want from him as they are always looking at the bad side of everything he does.

Setting the record straight, he said his statement has been misinterpreted and wholly taken out of context.

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He posted, “Stop the cap, dude. I told Korty I can walk freely in Lagos cause nobody knows me there, and I can’t do the same in Accra cause I’m very famous here. That’s, literally, what I said, bro. What y’all want from me? Tell me.”

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