What Happened To Andy Foster? Two Men Charged With Murder Over Suspected Ammonia Attack

What happened to Andy Foster? Let get to know all the details about how two men were charged with murder over a suspected Ammonia attack. Andy Foster has passed away in a sad manner and two suspects are currently in police custody over Andy’s death incident.

What Happened To Andy Forster?

On Sunday, August 20 2023, the family of Andy Foster was thrown into a complete state of shock when he was attacked at his home on Eighton Terrace which is located in Gateshead.

Reports indicate the attack occurred when Andy Foster opened the door to a property he was inside in Wrekenton. Luckily for him at that time, some Ambulance workers found Andy Foster in what they described as a critical condition and decided to lay a helpful hand to him by taking him all the way to the nearest available hospital.

It was the hope of his parents and all well-wishers around the world for Andy to recover from the injuries he sustained during the attack. In fact, Doctors were believed to be at the topmost level of their work in a bid to help him recover but that couldn’t happen unfortunately.

Sadly, Andy Foster was confirmed dead by the health workers who were working extra hard to see him recover at the hospital.

Who Are Andy Foster Murder Suspects?

Police launched an immediate investigation into the attack incident and a total of six people have been arrested.

However, the main culprits according to reports have been identified as Kenneth Fawcett and John Wandless, who are both 32 years of age.

Kenneth Fawcett and John Wandless have been charged with murder and are due to appear before magistrates sitting at Newcastle Crown Court on Monday according to thr Northumbria Police.

Two women alongside a man have also been arrested on suspicion of assisting the offenders in carrying out their operations successfully.

Detective Inspector Tomasz Fowler, who was updating the public in a statement said: “Our thoughts remain firmly with Andy’s loved ones at this extremely difficult time and we will continue to offer them all the support that they need.
“We would like to thank members of the public for their continued support and cooperation throughout the past week. “Whilst these charges are a big step forward, it’s important to remember this investigation is far from over and we are still keen to hear from anyone with information that could help us in our enquiries.”.

Who was Andy Foster?

Andy Foster was a young man from Gateshead who passed away shortly after he was attacked when he opened the door of an apartment where he was living at that moment.
Andy was 26 years of age when he passed away and his parents confirmed that he was their only son.

“He was our only son – as well as a loving and supportive partner, grandson and cousin – and was particularly close with his grandad who was very special to him. We are absolutely devastated and heartbroken beyond words that we have sadly lost our boy.

“Andy still had his whole life left ahead of him – and we are struggling to come to terms with the fact that he is no longer here with us.” His parents stated.



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