What happened to Gabbie Hanna?

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Gabbie Hanna, a Vine-to-TikTok celebrity, has caused a lot of concern among the platform’s users with constant video posting.

The TikToker has posted a ton of videos to her site, some of which feature her shouting into the camera while others feature her making cryptic and weird observations about a range of subjects.

We all know that becoming popular on TikTok is many users’ first priority. However, many admirers think Gabbie’s mental health may be in danger because she has gone viral numerous times. So, the lingering question is: Is Gabbie Hanna alright? Continue reading to know more.

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The first of Gabbie Hanna’s strange videos began with an emotional response to a follower’s comment.

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The footage of the 31-year-old replying to a comment made on one of her films served as the catalyst for the rest of her odd conduct. In response to the commenter’s request for Gabbie “to save the world,” she laughed.

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From there, fans watched as the TikToker posted more than 100 videos in which she responded to comments and offered her views on what are sometimes referred to as contentious issues, such as philosophy, race, and religion.

What to know about Gabbie Hanna siblings?
What to know about Gabbie Hanna siblings?

Some followers think Gabbie might be going through a crazy phase.
Social media users generally agree that Gabbie is either experiencing a manic episode or is just releasing these divisive videos for kicks.

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The videos appear to have stopped as Gabbie’s page has gained more fans and other people’s attention. Gabbie’s most recent video was posted on August 24, 2022, at approximately 1:45 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. The video has received 1.7 million views so far and shows Gabbie complaining that someone reportedly broke into her house.

Although it’s unclear what exactly is going on with Gabbie, we wish the spooky videos would stop. And if Gabbie is dealing with mental health issues, we hope she receives the assistance she requires.


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