What happened to Lil Keed? What is Lil Keed’s cause of death?

Fast-rising American rapper Lil Keed is known in real life as Raqhid Jevon Render born on March 16th, 1998. He was signed onto the American star, Young Thug’s record label, YSL Record, and 300 Entertainment.

The rapper was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and is the fifth child among seven children of his parents he grew up in Forest Park where he later moved to Atlanta on Cleveland Ave

Lil Keed started taking his rapping career serious after the death of his friend Ruby in 2016 and among his siblings, she has 6 brothers and 1 sister.

Lil Keed dead
Lil Keed

What’s the cause of Lil Keed’s death?

Lil Keed was one of America fast rising stars but at the age of 24 he passed away.

His brother, Lil Gotit took to social media to confirm the death of his brother as he shares a tribute post to Lil Keed.

He wrote, “Can’t believe I seemed u die today bro I did all my cries I know what u want me to do and that’s going hard for Mama Daddy Our Brothers Naychur and Whiteboy.”

The cause of Lil Keed’s death is yet to be known and he left behind a young daughter known as Naychur


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