What happened to Welven Da Great aka Deez Nuts guy? Unresponsive video sparks concern

Welven Da Great, Known very well as Deez Nuts Guy has gotten many worried after a video of him being unresponsive emerged online. We will be looking into what exactly is happening to the Deez Nuts Guy at the moment that led him to be unresponsive.

What happened to Deez Nuts Guy? 

In August 2023, a viral video left many fans concerned about the health of Deez Nuts Guy. In the video, the Musician and Social media sensation could be seen lying on the floor unresponsive.

Popular media outlet Raphouse TV shared a video on their social media accounts that showed Welven Da Great lying down on the streets of Los Angeles. Several people were seen crowded around him with many fearing that he was dead.

In fact, it is not sure what exactly happened to him with many speculating that he might be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

However, there has been no official statement yet from his camp or any close associate about what happened to him and many concerned fans continued to be worried about his current condition.

Further reports we gathered also indicated that he was taken to the hospital after people who found him in that situation quickly placed a call on the paramedics available at that moment.

Now let us take a deep look into who he is for you to know much about him and his career in General.

Who is Deez Nuts Guy?

Deez Nuts Guy is a renowned American musician and social media sensation who made it into the limelight and became known in the public space for sharing short improv videos on the now-defunct app Vine. 

He is widely known by everyone in the media as Welven Da Great or Deez Nuts Guy but that is not his real name as he was born Welven Harris before adopting other names for himself.

Welven was born on the 31st day of May 1988 in Long Beach, a suburb of California, United States of America where he grew up.

At some point in his career, Deez Nuts Guy made a sad revelation that growing up wasn’t the best of experiences for him at all. 

According to him, he was in many ways bullied by his peers for his disability but that never distracted him from chasing his dreams. 

Deez further stated that it was the same disability that people were mocking him about back then that helped him go viral online.

Currently, he is one of the most popular personalities on social media platforms out there. He has been able to amass over 117K followers on his official Instagram account.

In fact, Deez Nuts has also been making club appearances across the United States and he established a brand for himself that he is able to vibe very well with some high-profile personalities in the states and the world at large. 

He is well known for hanging out with celebrities such as DJ Khaled, Dan Bilzerian, and Amber Rose. 


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