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What If Kumi Guitar Is Right In ‘Dissing’ Stonebwoy? It Would Make Stonebwoy Grow Some ‘Balls’

Yesterday, March 12th, 2018 Highlife musician, and Zylofon signed artiste, Kumi Guitar released a diss song for Stonebwoy & some Ghanaians got angry at the ‘Dream’ singer as many argued that Stonebwoy is not his caliber for him  to even ‘diss or advise’ him and more especially when he’s  on the same record label with him.

And you can trust Ghanaians to speak their minds and we shared some screenshots of fans of Stonebwoy hurling insults at the innocent Hiplife musician who was perhaps also protecting his interest.

It’s now become obvious and common knowledge that Stonebwoy has issues with Zylofon Media and if care is not taken, he’s likely to leave the record label. This weekend’s incident at the Champs bar, gave credence to the rumors that, he is not happy at Zylofon because of some misunderstandings.

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For some funny reasons Stonebwoy has not had the balls to tell Ghanaians what it is that Zylofon has done to him, that he’s running away from them. Recall that, we published here that one of the main reasons why Bulldog lost his cool and went to the  Champs bar to seize a car that was given to Stonebwoy when he was signed was that Stonebowy’s manager, Blakk Cedi has instructed organisers to pull down everything that has Zylofon branded on it off the stage before Stonebwoy would perform.–An instruction the organisers followed.

Stonebwoy album

Why would his manager give such an instruction in the first place especially when the show was sponsored by Zylofon Cash? And when Stonebwoy was asked about that in his interview on Hitz Fm, he had the courage to lie to us, by saying he didn’t know anything about it and that he had no idea, why the Zylofon branded stuff was pulled down.

You pretend you had no idea that your manager instructed organizers to pull down Zylofon branded materials but were on radio, looking for sympathy because you wanted Ghanaians to believe that indeed your life was threatened and giving a warning shot, was the best way to defend yourself.

Fair enough, we agree, but why refuse to talk to Zylofon FM on Monday when you or any member of your team was needed to speak on the issues when Bulldog was interviewed?

When Kumi Guitar’s diss song ‘Gyae’ was premiered on Zylofon FM, I felt it was unnecessary especially because he’s a Zylofon signed artiste, so whatever he says, although they are his own personal opinions, Ghanaians would not treat it as such and see it that, the company is using him to also communicate their grievances.

Kumi Guitar
Kumi Guitar

If you had the chance to listen to Kumi Guitar in some of his recent interviews and even with the one he had with Zylofon FM, it’s clear that, he’s well abreast with what’s happening between Zylofon and Stonebwoy and we don’t doubt the crocodile who comes out of the water to tell us the ‘water’ is cold because that’s where it lives. ( I don’t know if I quoted the right proverb but I’m sure you get it) So whatever Kumi Guitar is saying it’s because he knows the facts and is extremely worried with what’s happening lately at Zylofon.

It’s almost like the guys are Zylofon are also scared to speak up , thinking they would be able to settle things amicably but it’s not working.

Kumi’s key points in his song is that, if Stonebwoy has any issues with Zylofon or there are some changes he wants to be made in regards to his contract, he should just let management know, so they find a solution or if he does not want to be at the label too, he should tell them and then he can move on rather than subtly taking actions, that would put the name of the label in bad standing.

Stonebwoy is displaying some luke-warm attitude and from my own personal observations, he’s creating a very blurry impression. He’s not been specific as to whether he has issues with the label or not and keeps beating about the bush each time he’s asked about it.

As a blogger, what I feel ( I beg enor be force say make you na agree with me too) is that Stonebwoy is uncomfortable with some of the actions of some of the staff at Zylofon especially Willie Roi, who has sworn allegiance to Shatta Wale, so sees no good in anything Stonebwoy does and always criticises him even when there’s nothing to criticise. Stonebwoy must be surprised that no one is calling Willie Roi to order especially when he’s an employee of Zylofon.

Although we do not know of the details of the contracts of Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy, it’s clear that Shatta’s own is much more ‘creamier’ than Stonebwoy’s own and it’s making Stonebwoy feel less appreciated, considering the fact that he’s equally a top artiste and even an ‘international’ one.

We’ve heard rumours also that it was stated in Stonebwoy’s contract that Zylofon Music was not going to sign any other dancehall artiste apart from him but we don’t know that for a fact, but then to every rumour there’s some bit of truth in it, so it could be one of the reasons why he’s pissed off. Recall, he said in an interview that he had no idea, Zylofon was going to sign Shatta Wale.

And from Kumi Guitar’s interviews it’s clear he’s also very close to Nana Appiah Mensah and has an idea about how he’s feeling about all of these, and perhaps felt he needed to do something to let people know what is going on, since Stonebwoy does not want to talk, and Zylofon Music as a company too does not want to talk.

Kumi Guitar is perhaps worried that, Stonebwoy’s actions could force Nana Appiah Mensah to shut down Zylofon Media and then just move back to who he was, and if that happens, it would affect him (Kumi) because Zylofon Media is his destiny changer.

They gave him a new car, a house to live in and some good amount of cash–Who wouldn’t defend their destiny changer even if they have not asked them to?

In the track, Kumi threw light on why some big men like Despite and co, although they have the money and have managed artistes in the past have stopped doing so now.

I believe that everybody should have a right to an opinion but it’s becoming disheartening reading some comments on Social media, where you see people body-shaming Kumi Guitar instead of attacking the issues. It’s, even more, funnier to see people mock him, that he was a ‘taxi driver’ so he has no right to diss Stonebwoy.

For those who are of the opinion, Stonebwoy is bigger than the record label, I cannot argue with you, but let’s show respect when someone helps us and stop being ungrateful. In any case, they didn’t sign him for free, he got something out of it and whatever he got, he must have been happy with it, which is why he accepted to work with them.

Hello, we all started life from somewhere, and we are hoping to be better people in life, I don’t think Stonebwoy was rich before he started music, we all saw how he also started from humble beginnings before he became who he is today.

It’s OK to feel angry that, Kumi Guitar ‘dissed’ Stonebwoy and express your sentiments, but we can be rational with our comments on Social media. It’s sad to see people Kumi is far older than describe him with all sorts of adjectives and body-shame him like he’s not a human. Don’t you have people in your family who are also ‘fat’ or with pot bellies? 😂 (Someone even said he was a common taxi driver, blah blah, siaaa… you get the car some? Or you cruze Bentley Bentayga for this country? We all dey hustle, so allow ma guy la 😂).

Let’s express our opinions on issues but it should be free from personal attacks and like I said, although I feel it was unnecessary for Kumi to have released that song or even for it to be played by Zylofon FM, let’s not blame Zylofon media alone but put pressure on Stonebwoy to come out clear on reasons he’s acting that way and let the company that signed him know what things he wants to be changed.

Stonebwoy is no saint, neither Zylofon. We need to be careful with some of our utterances on Social media. Just like I am expecting Stonebwoy to get some balls and speak his mind, I am expecting Zylofon to also implement the right structures, so we don’t have people like Willi Roi who works there, talk ‘bullsh*t’  and their head of communications or PR should f**king up his game and be honest with us when asked questions.

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