What is Don Lemon Salary And Net Worth?

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Don Lemon salary and net worth is in excess of 11 Billion Dollars; so, how much exactly does he earn in salaries and how much is he worth in all?

As more and more people desire the information on Don Lemon salary and net worth, we have brought you this article to help you through.

Most people would want to see the gains in some profession before committing themselves to go into such profession it seems and that might just be why people want to know the worth and salary of the American journalist.

The fact remains that many people chose some professions for the financial gains therein rather than the passion and desire to just do that job; very few people have total disregard for this, anyway.

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I could be wrong with this assertion but that just seems what it is these days.

That said, for whatever reason you desire the information about Don Lemon salary and net worth, we have you covered in this article.

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Read on for the gist of Don Lemon salary and net worth.

Who is Don Lemon?

Don Lemon gay
Don Lemon

For many people that do not know about him, Don is one of the very best American journalists and television news anchors.

Don Lemon is one of the lead anchors and presenters for CNN currently.

He has, before joining the fray at CNN, spent time at other powerful networks such as NBC and MSNBC in the past.

Don Lemon, with the birth name Donald Carlton Lemon, was born on March 1st of 1966 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Don Lemon education

Don Lemon has studied and earned degrees in top universities in America.

Don Lemon attended Louisiana State University before transferring to Brooklyn College in New York.

During his time at Brooklyn College, Don majored in journalism.

As a college student, he also gained experience by working as a news assistant at a Fox News affiliate station in New York.

Don Lemon career

Don Lemon career
Don Lemon

As we gradually zoom in on his salary and net worth, it is important that we know where he started from so that his net worth wouldn’t surprise you as you would know whether he deserves to earn that much or not.

So, let us look at Don Lemon career.

What has Don Lemon career been like after graduating from the school where he majored in journalism?

Before graduating, Lemon worked for various Fox New affiliates.

After he left college, Donald started working as a correspondent for NBC in Philadelphia and Chicago.

At first, he was working for affiliate stations in Birmingham, Alabama, and Pennsylvania. Over the next few years, he moved up from the role of correspondent to weekend news anchor.

In addition, he worked as an investigative reporter for an affiliate in St. Louis during this period.

After gaining widespread recognition for his work, Don Lemon agreed to join CNN in 2006. And he is one of the popular faces on CNN currently.

This has been Don Lemon career trajectory.

Is Don Lemon gay?

Don Lemon salary

Well, is Don Lemon gay? Many have been asking this.

As far as we know, and by his own admission, Don Lemon gay question could be given a yes answer. In 2011, he publicly announced that he was gay.

In 2017, Don Lemon started dating Tim Malone, a real estate agent.

The couple announced in 2019 that they had become engaged.

So, is Don Lemon gay? Apparently, by his own admission, it is safe to say that he is.

Don Lemon salary

So how much is Don Lemon salary at CNN?

For his role at CNN, Don Lemon reportedly earns a salary of as much as $4 million per year.

This is just about enough for a young man working so hard, though it is only a reported figure; it could be more or less, but with this figure being quoted, Don Lemon salary is up there with the highest earners in his profession–Journalism.

Don Lemon net worth

Don Lemon net worth
Don Lemon

We sought to bring to you, in this article, Don Lemon salary and net worth.

With his reported salary of $4 million per year, what is Don Lemon net worth?

Don Lemon net worth, according to celebritynetworth.com, is around $12 million.

Watch below a bit of what Don Lemon does at CNN:



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