What Is Graven Image According To The Holy Bible?

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In today’s world, Graven Image isn’t a term we are familiar with. However, most of us recognise it as a part of the Ten Commandments where they are very well forbidden.

Exodus 20:4, in the KJV of the Holy Bible says, “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.” Now, the question is, what is graven image? Let’s delve into it.

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What Is Graven Image?

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In Exodus 20:4, the Hebrew word for Graven Image may also be translated as “idol” or “image.” Judges 18:14 provides more context by defining a graven image also known as pesel and a molten image otherwise called maccekah. Thus, a graven figure was carved, either as a statue or a relief sculpture, such as on a wall or pole, out of stone, wood, or metal (like an Asherah pole).

The Israelites lived in a world where idols were prevalent. The Israelites had just fled Egypt, where the Egyptians worshipped dozens or even hundreds of gods represented by idols, when God delivered them the Ten Commandments. It was thought that the power of the gods resided within these idols.

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Why Is Idolatry So Serious In Christianity?

Idolatry causes a lot of issues and problems in our physical and spiritual life. When leaders or heroes are elevated to the status of gods, the culture praises the human qualities those leaders possessed and qualities that are finite and unsustainable over the long term of their service to their state.

National idols were common in ancient nations, therefore battles were framed as the gods of one side against the gods of the other. The all-knowing, universe-maintaining God is not compatible with this conception of gods as being restricted national guardians. He(God) stands in place in all humanity, gods and every other creature. He is simply non-comparable.

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