What is Sikhism? Beliefs & Facts About The Indian Religion

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Sikhism is a religious faith founded by Guru Nanak about 500 years ago. This religion originated in the Punjab region of India and Pakistan in South Asia. The Sikhs are one of the largest religions in the world with over 25 to 30 million adherents.

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How Was Sikhism Born?

Sikhism developed from the spiritual teachings of Guru (teacher) Nanak between 1469 to 1539. He was the first Guru and later, 9 other gurus succeeded him. The 10th guru named Gobind Singh introduced the Sikh scripture “Guru Granth Sahib”. This scripture is known as the 11th and last eternally living guru and serves as a religious spiritual guide for all Sikhs.

What Do Sikhs Believe?

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The following are some of the foundations of Sikhism

  • Sikhs believe in their Holy Book known as “The Guru Granth Sahib” which teaches that there is one God, that men and women are inherently good and are equal before God, that everyone has direct access to God, and that the way to become closer to God is to be of service to our fellow human beings.
  • Sikhs believe they have a duty to help the poor and the oppressed.

Do Sikhs Believe In Prophets and Saints?

The founding fathers of Sikhism are considered Saints. Each Guru contributed in a unique way. The Holy Book “Guru Granth” advise that the seeker of spiritual enlightenment seek the company of saints.

Do Sikhs Believe In Prayers?

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Like every religion, prayer is the act of communication. In Sikhism, prayer is necessary and very important as it helps to reduce the effect of ego and bond the soul with the divine. Prayer in Sikhism can be performed silently, loudly, in a group or done individually. Prayers are often selected from the Sikh scriptures and meditation.

Do Sikhs Believe In The Devil or Demons?

The Sikh scripture, “Guru Granth Sahib” talks about demons however, Sikhism does not focus on demons but on ego and its effect on the soul.

Where do Sikhs worship?

Sikhs have a place of worship known as “Gurdwara”. “Gurdwara” means ‘Gateway to the Guru’. In some areas, Sunday is the preferred day of worship.

Why Sikhs Don’t Cut Their Hair?

The Sikh faith forbids hair cutting. The hair is considered sacred and must be kept. So, most Sikh men wear turbans to protect their hair. Some also grow beards. They believe the hair as part of God’s creation should be kept and not altered.

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