What Is The Origin Of Jesus’ Name ‘Yashua’?

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The name Jesus does not generate from Greek because there is no letter J in the Greek alphabet. Yashua’s Greek name starts with an iota. The name is transliterated as IESOUS and is pronounced as EE-AY-SOOS.

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Origin Of The Name Jesus

Since the New Testament was written in Greek and not Hebrew, it suggests that the Lord does not deem it inappropriate to use a title for Jesus Christ in keeping with that of another culture or language. On and on, the New Testament calls the Hebrew Messiah by some Greek names and titles.

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Yeshua and the Jewish apostles mostly quoted from the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures which was concurringly read and studied by Jews during the New Testament era.


Meaning of Yeshua

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According to sources, several definitions of Yeshua can be confiscated in Aramaic and Hebrew biblical contexts. The name was taken from the Hebrew verb Yasha which means ‘to deliver, rescue or save.

It is, however, pronounced as Yeshua in Hebrew and can be read as “Yod,” “Shin,” “Vav,” and “Ayin.” In Aramaic, the term, “Yeshu,” was transliterated from the Hebrew term of Yeshua, pronounced as “Yeh-shoo,” and missing the “a.”

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What Is The Meaning Of Yashua?

In relation to the Hebrew Bible into the Ancient Greek translations, IESOUS was represented by the Hebrew or Aramaic name Yeshua gotten from the earlier Hebrew word Yehoshua or Joshua.

Both Joshua and Yehoshua mean Yah Saves. It is factual to say that, Jesus’ Aramaic or Hebrew name was Yeshua.


Is Yeshua The Same As Jesus?

The name ‘Jesus’ which is most commonly known today is an English transliteration of a German adaptation of a Latin transliteration of a Greek transliteration of an actual Hebrew name called Yeshua.

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