What Is The Sense In Dating A Beautiful Woman Who Is Not Sensible? – Counselor Charlotte Quizzes

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Popular Ghanaian Marriage counsellor, Charlotte Oduro has advised men to not follow a woman’s beauty and curves to marry her but her intelligence.

According  Mrs Oduro, choosing a woman based on her looks and shape alone is the work of stupid men.

Mrs Oduro explained that even though men are attracted by what they see, they should make sure they look beyond the beauty and shape.

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“Everyone is looking for shape, big buttocks, big breasts and big everything. It is good for a woman to possess an attractive shape, breast and buttocks but any woman who has no sense has no future. She is doomed and will be a failure for the husband.

“Don’t go for women with shapes but those who with intelligence, have the fear of God in them and submissive”, she advised  during a recent interview on Joy Prime.

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The renowned counsellor advised men to look for women who are not only attractive but are intelligent, respectful, submissive and have the fear of God in them.

Counselor Charlotte is not the only one who has advised men to go in for sensible women. Another person who agrees with her is Ghanaian actor and film maker Eddie Nartey who asserted that marrying a good woman will help you stay focused as a man.


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