“What Most People Need Is Money And Not Therapy”- American Therapist

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Money is undeniably a very important commodity in a man’s life as it seems to be the thing that keeps the world moving.

Caitie Hanna reckons what people actually need is money and not therapy
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In this regard, an American women who says she’s a therapist, has said that, in her line of duty, she has come to find out that what most people out there actually need is money and not therapy.

Therapy is an activity involving going to see a professional therapist to have your problematic behaviors, beliefs, feelings, as well as relationship issues examined in order to find solutions to them.

Whiles admitting that this exercise is important in a person’s life, the American woman, named, Caitie Hannan, believes that what most people actually need is money and not having their problems checked by professionals.

“As a therapist I can say confidently, that while therapy is helpful, what most people really need is money,” she wrote on Twitter.

Caitie’s tweet

Many would, most definitely, sight with Caitie Hannan as they’ll believe that money lessons people’s worries and so when an individual has money the numerous problems that would otherwise have needed a therapists attention would be shielded and there wouldn’t be the need to see one.

Others disagree with her assertion, nonetheless. See some reactions below;

@Lexplayes wrote; “Money absolutely does NOT bring happiness or make life less stressful. If you rely on money to be happy, you will endlessly be searching for it and never satisfied”.

@urbanwriters wrote; “Not having to sell furniture to buy food and knowing that you have enough money for heating and to pay your rent 100% makes life less stressful. It doesn’t mean that everything is solved or that people with money are happy. But the stress and pressure of poverty are enormous”.

@darby_darbyim added; “Yes, yes and yes. So bleeding obvious “maslow’s hierarchy of needs#”. People who miss out on the basics of shelter, food and love at various stages in life are vulnerable to psychiatric illness or mental health issues”.

@justusandGod added; “More than therapy, yes. But after 40 years atheism and 4 years following Jesus, I’m confident in saying what we all need is Jesus. And humility”.

It’ll intrigue me to know what you also think about this assertion. Do you reckon you need money much more than you do therapy?



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