What they said to me when I was admitted to the psychiatric hospital- Funny Face

In a recent interview on Hitz FM, veteran comedian and actor Funny Face shared with his fans his diagnosis when he was admitted to the psychiatric hospital over his mental disorder.

According to the father of three, his stay in a mental health facility aided his recovery. He also mentioned that he was told his emotions had overwhelmed his faculties and once he gets hold of himself properly, his mental instability will be remedied on its own.

“When I went to the psychiatric hospital and they told me ‘you do not have a problem, yours is your emotions. When you get a grasp of your emotions you are okay. Your kids, everybody knows you do everything for them, so currently start working on yourself, focus on your mental health,” he said.

He also said revealed that he doesn’t know where his two girls are. The Ghanaian actor and comedian, who gained popularity on the now-defunct TV show Chorkor Trotro, acknowledged that he has decided to give up on the idea of looking for them to improve his mental health.

He recently confessed even though he didn’t know where his twin daughters Bella and Ella were at the time, his manager was in continuous contact with them.

The discussion covered a wide range of subjects, including the cause of Funny Face’s depression. He mentioned that contrary to popular opinion, it’s not the mad love for buttocks that sent him into depression but the unconditional love he has for his daughters.

“Buttocks didn’t take me through depression, the love of my children sent me into that state. I was so crazy about my daughters to the extent that when they were crawling when they fall and cry I cry too.

“Naturally, I am an emotional person and I love people’s kids deeply, so, how much my own? So, when they were no more with me I couldn’t take it, I lost it. Their toys are in the room and when I see (them), my triggers go level 10, it was that bad,” he said.


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