What Tinny did to Stonebwoy on live radio is not good at all- Captain Planet

In view of Tinny’s rant aimed at industry colleague Stonebwoy in a recent interview on Okay FM, rapper Captain Planet has asked the former to apologise to the Bhim Nation president for calling him a fool on live radio.

Tinny went off on Stonebwoy for paying an amount to an event organiser who claimed he owed him without him calling him to check the authenticity of the man’s claim in the first place.

“I saw it as just a bunch of fools, a bunch of idiots who had gotten the opportunity to be on radio.

Merqury Quaye is number one, the toppest idiot. The other guy who was also speaking was also a fool. And I wasn’t expecting my colleague Stonebwoy to also be a fool.

Stonebwoy also joined the fools to be a fool,” Tinny also known as Aletse Kankpe charged during the interview.

When Abeiku Santana who interviewed him told him Stonebwoy was just being a Good Samaritan in the situation hence he has to exclude him from his fiery posture, he insisted that he wouldn’t take Stonebwoy out.

On this score, Captain Planet has insisted Tinny goofed for slashing Stonebwoy into pieces when he was merely trying to help him out.

He mentioned that the radio station also faulted when they failed to get Tinny on board to verify the claim.

“The reason why I’m saying this is that before the interview, the guy called the presenter first to narrate the story and the presenter decided to give him that platform & gave the guy time to be on air so they can talk about the issue.

The presenter can’t just put the guy on radio without verifying from tinny & allowing the guy to tarnish his image just like that.

The presenter and the radio station were WRONG for not calling tinny to verify first and allowed the guy to embarrass tinny live on air.

They should apologize to tinny and tinny too should apologize for calling Stonebwoy a fool. Stonebwoy was just a good samaritan helping his guy,” Captain Planet stated in two separate tweets.

SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com


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