What to Eat Is Even A Problem Now- Funny Face Cries

Ghanaian comedian, Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng, popularly known as Funny Face has taken to social media to share his predicaments.

Funny Face has sadly shared that he is going through hell as what to even eat these has now become a very big problem.

According to him in a Post, he has lost all ambassadorial deals and genuine people who were willingly giving him a helping hand.

He added that he has not been able to see her daughters for a very long time due to his financial situation.

Meanwhile, Funny Face has said that he blames himself for being ungrateful to some people who helped him when he was a nobody.

Funny Face did not accuse me of harming him- Baby mama defends herself

Vannesa Nicole has responded to the ‘wahala’ surrounding her relationship with Funny Face by addressing some of the issues raised in her interview with Kwaku Manu that sparked a backlash from the general public.

The socialite and TikTok personality expressed her displeasure at the people who had criticized her choice by bringing up the prior interview, calling them ignorant and idiotic.

Vanessa was convinced that she and Funny Face had a special relationship that was unbreakable by anyone. Vanessa asserted that her friendship with Funny Face went beyond what people were aware of. The fact that they were parents to three kids, she emphasized, played a huge role in her decision-making.

According to a Tru News Report publication, Vanessa argued that any rational person would understand her desire to reconcile with the father of her children, especially considering the special connection they shared.

“I am not a hypocrite. Nana Yaw did not accuse me of harming him anywhere. I am not foolish; I am a mother. Most of you won’t comprehend my situation. Between Nana Yaw and myself, we faced challenges, and people failed to understand the context of the interview.

But let me make one thing clear. We have three beautiful children together—three solid kids! No one in their right mind would condemn my decision to want to reconcile with him. There is a significant difference between a man you date and a man you have children with, let alone twins and our youngest, Tawiah.”

Vanessa urged her critics to consider the deeper connection that still existed between Funny Face and herself, even if mistakes were made in the past. She highlighted the love Funny Face had for their children and stressed the importance of nurturing that bond.


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