What to know about Gabbie Hanna siblings?

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Who is Gabbie Hanna

Gabbie Hanna is a singer-songwriter and internet sensation from the United States. She came to fame on Vine and YouTube before releasing her debut single “Out Loud” in 2017. Her second EP, Bad Karma, was released on May 15, 2020, and her first extended play, 2WayMirror, was released on May 31, 2019.

The TikTok influencer Gabbie Hanna started her career in 2013 and currently has over 7.4 million followers. She is among the influencers with the most followers. Every day, she posts about how happy her life is and discusses significant issues like mental health, religion, and other things.

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She is a singer in addition to being a content provider that creates videos. She broadcasts videos of her performances on YouTube and TikTok and shares her songs on social media.

What to know about Gabbie Hanna siblings?
What to know about Gabbie Hanna siblings?

She attained enough notoriety to launch her own YouTube channel and begin posting videos there. Together with her dance partner Matt Steffanina, she went on to win the “Dance Showdown” in 2015. She posts numerous videos daily on TikTok and Instagram. Her videos receive likes, comments, and sharing from her audience.

In 2020 and 2022, respectively, she also released “Bad Karma” and “Trauma Queen.”

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Gabbie Hanna Siblings

Although Gabbie has millions of followers across the world who are aware of her musical talent and popular online presence, many may not be aware that she comes from a sizable family. Gabbie really does have six siblings! Gabbie is related to Cherisa Rhae, Monica McCormick, Cecilia Hanna, Genny Hanna, Madelynn Hanna, and Sam Hanna. Based on all social media posts over the years, it appears that the Hanna family gets along nicely.

Cherisa Rhae

Gabbie’s older sister Cherisa Rhae attended Clarion University of Pennsylvania to study library and information science. She now works as an illustrator and has a son named Asher and a partner named Jonathan Heaney.

Monica McCormick

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In addition to being Gabbie’s older sister, Monica McCormick also a real estate salesperson. Her realtor husband Jarrod McCormick and they have two kids, Gemma and Charlotte.

Cecilia Hanna

Cecilia, Gabbie’s younger sister, is still enrolled in school but has grown some of her own social media following. with only 50,000 or so Instagram followers.

Genny Hanna

The next child of Gabbie is Genny Hanna, a younger sister. Genny had around 30,000 Instagram followers before she deactivated the app. She resides at home with her parents and is a student right now.

Madelynn Hanna

Madelynn, Gabbie’s younger sister, follows. Apart from the fact that she is now enrolled in school, not much is known about her given her early age.

Sam Hanna

Sam, Gabbie’s sole sibling, is last but by no means least. Photos of the young person having fun with friends and family can be found in plenty on his Instagram account. He calls himself a “foodie” and a fan of Fortnite on his bio.


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