“What you dream of today will come to pass only if you work towards it” – Shatta Wale inspires

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"What you dream of today will come to pass only if you work towards it" – Shatta Wale inspires

Shatta Wale has served his fans with a dose of inspiration with a post he shared on social media encouraging the habit of focus and hard work amongst the youth.

According to the Shatta Movement President, any dream can come to fruition through relentless hard work and determination to see it through.

This post comes to encourage his fans to remain resilient in their personal pursuit of success and not to give up on their dreams and aspirations. Shatta Wale has dedicated Tuesdays to help market the jobs and hustles of his fans on Twitter.

He has dubbed this initiative #ShattaTuesdayMarket which gives everyone the chance to reach out to many like-minded individuals and potential customers by marketing their services.

The post came along with a photo of Shatta Wale standing behind his chair in his office with his hand clutched to the left side of his head with a very pensive look.


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