What’s the meaning of Rawlings had a good and bad side? – Leila Djansi questions GH journalists

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Leila Djansi

Highly-opinionated US-based Ghanaian filmmaker, Leila Djansi has raised some concerns about the commentaries made by a section of journalists in the country following the death of Ex-President Jerry John Rawlings.

In a Facebook post, Leila Djansi envisaged that the description, “Rawlings had a good and bad side” is nothing but a vague statement from our journalists perhaps it appears more ambiguous to her.

Simply put, she questioned what it means if they say the deceased statesman has a good and bad side.

Leila Djansi wrote: “I’m not sure I understand or appreciate some of the Ghanaian journalists and their duplicitous commentary. JJ Rawlings had a good and bad side? What y’all mean? What bad side? His unmatched integrity? Leadership by example? It’s unhealthy to refer to people who enforce discipline, integrity, hard work and selflessness as difficult or bad.

“Rawlings SAVED Ghana from hunger and all the corruption wrought under Acheampong. He punished the guilty. If that’s what made him bad, well… Ghana will never ever see his kind again. Every plane that flew above our heads brought the chant “JJ Rawlings” from kids. He was a legend! He was rare and he was such a dreamy god! Rest Well! You will be missed and never forgotten!”

Leila Djansi questions GH journalists
Leila Djansi questions GH journalists

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