What’s your business when two women are fighting, try me and this June will ‘over’ you- Afia Schwar takes her yawa things to Sam George’s doorstep

Afia Schwarzenegger has bluntly told Ghanaian lawmaker Sam George that if he chooses the path of war, she will meet him at the junction to square things up with him in her trademark fashion.

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Following the distasteful comments Afia hurled at old foe Deloris Frimpong Manso whereby she labelled her a barren woman amongst other derogatory pronouncements, Sam George has quizzed the authenticity of her statement.

He wrote; “But is she really barren? Is that a factual statement? Not as far as I know. Utterly distasteful commentary. Ah well, off to eat my chicken biryani with roti bread.”

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On sighting the lawmaker’s post, Afia did not let it slide and predicably sprinkled her trade fiery demeanour on him for daring to poke his nose into something that is not his business.

She wrote; Someone should warn and the word is warn Sam whatever George..As for me I will assist you to trend…I am warning you. If you don’t want a peaceful June try me!!!!. Social Media Mp,what’s your business in women’s fight?? Did you tell your wife before jumping in this gutter,? Its about to be a swimming competition in the gutters..TRY ME!!! You see the slaps your mouth earned you…use that same energy on your fellow men who slapped the living day light out of you on national TV.

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