“When A Woman Hits 40 Without A Man Of Her Own Yet, She turns A Feminist To Recruit More Young Girls To Join Her”-Nigerian Lady Says

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A Nigerian lady known as Mohnice has intimated that feminists are women of 40 years old who have not yet found men of their own to marry yet.

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According to Mohnice, when they hit that age and have not found a man of their own, they become frustrated, and for want of not going down alone, the go about recruiting young girls online to join them.

She believes that it is the bitterness that is often eating them up for their inability to find men of their own and so they go about getting it into the heads of these girls that marriage will limit them in their pursuit of what matters to them so that they also become bitter and end up being like her and not wanting to marry any man.

She is of the view that these young girls could be helped by their parents so that these angry and bitter feminists do not get them by training them to be financially independent women and capable of achieving anything for themselves.

“A feminist is a Nigeria lady who failed to secure a man of her own and is sighting 40 years. She’s now angry and decided not to go down alone, thereby recruiting other girls and ladies online, to make them bitter like her and not get married,” she said.

“Train your daughters to be financially independent ladies and goal-getters, not male dependent feminists,” Mohnice added further.

Mohnice could have a point given that most of these feminists are often around that age and single too.


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