When Brothers Fight To Death, Strangers Inherit Their Property – James Gardiner Speaks On Xenophobic Attacks (+Screenshot)

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Ghanaian actor James Gardiner like most celebrities in Ghana has added his voice to the recent Xenophobic attacks happening in South Africa.

According to the handsome actor in a recent post on his Instagram page, he doesn’t understand how someone could be laugh through inflicting pain on another human being.
He questioned whether South Africans traveled or not.

His post read; I didn’t know killing a fellow African could be all fun and games! You can laugh through inflicting pain and ending the life of another?? And was in uniform? Wow! It wouldn’t be so funny if tables were turned huh! All for what? Don’t South Africans travel? Don’t South Africans live and worm in other countries?? Shame on all the disgusting people who left their family at home and decided to go out there on the streets to kill friends and families of others!”

Lots of African leaders have come out to condemn the act and called the actions of the South Africans as unacceptable.

Read the rest of his post below;

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