‘When I Listen To Songs From Underground Artists, I Weep’- Article Wan

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There are many up and coming artists who have quality works but lack of support has suppressed their blossoming while others abandon their dreams to chart a different path altogether.

This is something Article Wan has observed and has lamented over it in a recent interview with MzGee on 3FM.

The Ghanaian singer who has considerable hit songs to his name, also added that when he listens to their songs he feels sad that despite their talent, they are still struggling.

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He said:

“There are lots of talents just wasting away because of lack of support. When i go to the Underground Artistes and listen to their songs, it would surprised you the kind of good songs they have. “

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Underground Artistes have all the good songs just wasting away because of lack of support and it’t just sad”.


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