While Shooting “Princess Tyra” Movie, I Was So Terrible That Kofi Adjorlolo Asked For My Replacement -Yvonne Nelson Discloses (+Screenshot)

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Outspoken actress and film producer Yvonne Nelson has shared her worst experience on the set of her breakthrough movie, “Princess Tyra”.

The movie was a  2007 Ghanaian-Nigerian drama produced by Abdul Salam Mumuni. This movie gave Yvonne Nelson her major screen appearance  while she was just a level 100 student at the Central University.

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Narrating her experience  on the set of the multiple award-winning movie, Yvonne took to Instagram and said she was so bad at the role she was given that her colleagues teased her on set.

She said at some point, veteran actor Kofi Adjorlolo got angry about her poor acting and asked the producer, Salam, to replace her.

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Yvonne revealed this in a long post on Instagram: “……the arrogant princess Tyra was in Central University level 100 when Salam called me during lectures for a meeting, i got there and realized they were shooting this movie…he told me he wanted to see how i looked in the costume, to cut this long narration short, i changed, they gave me a script and started shooting immediately, geez! I sucked! Couldn’t focus! Had no experience, they laughed and teased me!

There was a point Kofi Adjorlolo got so angry he asked salam and the director to replace me, after my last scene i whispered to one of the extras I wasn’t gonna come back the next day, she obviously went straight to salam and told him, that day was embarrassing, humiliating but guess what, it was the biggest BLESSING in my career and my acting journey, it opened many doors, the country asked who this new girl was!

In class I couldn’t even concentrate, group presentations sucked cuz everyone was waiting for me to mess up so they could laugh, (its a school thing) I had to endure this for 4years whiles acting full time, lectures started at 7am and shoot around 9am, i was always under pressure to leave school and go on set! Imagine closing from set at midnight, going for lectures at 7am and repeating this for 4years.

Haven’t even mentioned trips to nigeria etc for work! Im proud i graduated! Im proud i didn’t give up on acting! Not to bore you, if you are going through tough times( it can be anything), if you are under any kind of pressure, just know you’re gonna look back and thank those days because most blessings come from (uncertainties,dark days, disappointments, closed doors, heartbreaks etc) TRUST THE PROCESS”.

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