“When some female artiste go on stage, their first motive is to wear provocative clothing. Is it Deliberate or desperation?” – Jay Foley

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Indecency in the Music industry is gradually becoming a problem. Several people have condemned it and have asked female musicians and video vixens to do better.

New artistes always find provocative dressing as the only way to pull a crowd or attract people to love their music. When they perform on stage, they wear revealing clothes or extremely fitted clothes that exhibit their body sculpt.

Recently, at the Kundum Festival Mega Concert, Miss Forson performed for the first time. She wore revealing clothes and continuously twerked on stage. The crowded only screamed when she turned to twerk. Her colleague, Sefa followed the same path.

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Jay Foley believes that some female artiste are more interested in wearing clothes to impress men when they perform instead of impacting the crowd with their music. Everyone remembers them for the actions on stage instead of their good music when the performance ends.

He asked if it is deliberate or desperation in a post on Twitter

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