When two unmarried couple have intercourse, Jesus Christ also takes part in the act- Nigerian preacher announces (Watch)

A so-called pastor who hails from Nigeria has shockingly revealed that when people commit fornication, Jesus Christ takes part in the act.

In a video circulating on the internet, the woman is heard saying since the Bible says the human body is the temple of God, when two people have intercourse- they incorporate Jesus in the abominable act indirectly.

She continues to say Jesus has told her she’s tired of fornicating hence he wants people to stop ‘eating’ each other when they are not married.

This definition emphasizes that fornication is voluntary sexual intercourse between unmarried persons. Then it states that in the Bible the word can refer to adultery. That is, sexual activity if someone who is not your spouse.

It is important to note that the KJV Bible uses fornication to refer to adultery, but that more modern Bibles have adopted the current definition of fornication.

The KJV Bible versions incorrectly translates the Greek word porneia as fornication in passages such as Matthew 5:32; 19:9; John 8:41 and others (NeverThirsty).

Watch the video below;


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