“When You Post Your Baby Bumps And Lump Sums On Social Media, Don’t Be Surprised When Your Marriage Becomes Bumpy”-Reno Omokri

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Some married couples these days are fond of posting so many things about their marriage that they should be keeping private and according to Reno Omokri, such people shouldn’t be the least surprised when their marriages become bumpy along the way.

Some times, marriages that go into shambles often have the social media activity of the couples contributing to the problems they face in their marriage because the private lives of these couples are often made public.

People often post their baby bumps on social media and some also posts the amounts of money that they make, all these, in the opinion of Reno Omokri should not be done as they could lead to what he calls a bumpy marriage.

According to him, one doesn’t have to tell social media they love their husbands or wives for it to be true and so it is your partner that you tell in private.

Reno Omokri believes that marriage is something that should be kept private rather than shown on social media as if it is a reality show.

Many marriages are in shambles because private lives of couples are made public.

They post-baby bump and the lump sum they make.

Yet, they are surprised when the marriage becomes bumpy.

Keep somethings private. It is a marriage, not a reality show.

You don’t have to tell social media you love your wife or your husband for it to be true.

It is your wife or husband you should tell.

Many marriages have trauma because of social media drama.

Social media can be shallow.

Don’t let it swallow you!” he wrote.



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