“When You Pursue Money And It’s Not Coming, Just Marry; Some Women Open Doors To Success”, Men Advised

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A Nigerian realtor, Esv. Adesewa has advised men to marry when all their efforts to get a lot of money gets frustrated and the money is not coming.

According to her, some women open doors to success and so when you’re are struggling to get money and it is not coming forth, you just have to stop and pursue marriage instead.

The question that will be begging for answers is when a man decides to do that and the doors don’t get opened, what’s going to happen to the man?

He is probably going to live a frustrated life all his life as he will be struggling even harder just to provide for his family; or he will have his heart broken because some of these girls will not look back when you struggle to provide for them.

Some women are indeed door openers and when you marry them, doors open for you but how do you know this girl is a door opener or one who will come and shut the faint hopes that you have to succeed?

“Dear single guys, when you pursue money and it’s not forth coming, stop and pursue marriage. Some women are open doors to your success,” Adesewa tweeted.

Would you take this advice and marry when you’re struggling to make money?

A lot of women today will not even give in to a man who they see struggling because they don’t want to come in and be struggling with you unless they are swept away by some kind of love they feel for you.

There are a few out there who’d rather struggle with you to make things better and meeting such group of women is a daunting task these days.

Blow are some comments from people reacting to Adesewa’s post;

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