When you take away money in a relationship, most women won’t stay- Woman argues

A social media user strongly believes the majority of women only establish a relationship and to some extent marry because of the money factor the men bring on board.

In other words, the woman who hails South Africa and identified as Tirelo Carol said when the money factor is taken out of the relationship equation, most women won’t stay any longer.

The lady tweeted; ”Remove money from a relationship and you will discover that 90% of ladies won’t see a reason to be in that relationship 💀🤞🏽”

See reactions that greeted her post;

@emily_teffoME; If you started that relationship by putting money first then when you remove money the relationship will collapse, money is like using sugar to attract bees, without the sugar the bees won’t come, you all use money to attract those ladies so I don’t blame them for leaving.

@Masgegede__; The same way you remove money and realise that some men have nothing else to offer. I always say there must be more to you than your money

@GilbertMoela; That trick is no longer working anymore. Most women now get into a relationship just so they can be able to secure a safe space for themselves and their children irrespective of how well is the man financially

@Johnny_Quids; This is true for all relationship, including family. if your own flesh and blood won’t take you seriously if you don’t have money, how much more a stranger that you attracted with a premise of success and flamboyance?

@bhalacisha; That’s true. A man getting into a relationship is choosing the girl who will chow his money. The lady on the other hand, is choosing whose money she will be chowing.


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