Where Are The Celebrities Who Campaigned For John Mahama/NDC Government?

In the year 2012 general presidential elections, it was reported that  over 30 Ghanaian celebrities formed a group known as Celebrities For Mahama CFM, and campaigned for the current government to maintain power.

Some names that became very popular were: John Dumelo, Abeiku Santana, Kalsoume Sinare, Mr. Beautiful, Lucky Mensah, etc.


Why OK FM’s Abeiku Santana Campaigned For John Mahama Finally Exposed

Two years down memory lane, these celebrities campaigned for the NDC government  to retain power, has failed woefully! The nation is in dire power crisis – lights go off 24 hours and come back for just 12 hours, and the cycle goes on till only God knows when it will end. Ghana is now hot as hell and wicked as death! Prices of goods and service increase without proper regulation.

You buy something today, few days on, the price increases unreasonably! The value of our currency (GHC) keeps falling rapidly to other foreign currencies, precisely, the dollar and pound sterling; inflation rate is higher – the country is simply in a SHIT!

In other jurisdictions, celebrities do campaign for politicians or political parties, however, if those they campaigned for fail or formulate or implement policies which they deprecate, they come public to share their disappointments or denouncements!

For instance, revered TV presenter, entrepreneur and actress, Oprah Winfrey, endorsed and supported Obama to become President of America. However, she renounced herself from Obama – after the latter welcomed the US Supreme Court’s decision to strike down a law that denied the recognition of same-sex marriages. I respected and still respect Oprah for that gesture!

Ghana is now going through tough times and none of these celebrities have gathered courage to censor the government – with that same star-power they campaigned for the government to come into office. What even annoys me is that though it is abundantly clear they are affiliated to the incumbent party, some distance themselves from the party during interviews.

The ineptness, inefficiency and ineffectiveness we are experiencing from this government is simply unbearable! If those celebrities, IN PRINCIPLE OF FAIRNESS AND TRUTH, won’t come out to condemn the bad concoction they made Ghanaians gulp down their throats, they should remain quiet and come to us in 2016, to ask us to vote for this government to maintain power! We live to see if they will show up in 2016. Until then…MOYWUM!!


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