Where Is Hellen Muthoni Going After Leaving Inooro TV?

Hellen Muthoni recently made a significant announcement about her departure from Inooro TV, both on air and through her Instagram account. Despite the revelation, she has kept details about her future career plans under wraps, leaving her followers in suspense.

Taking to Instagram on November 12, Hellen shared a poignant message, signalling the conclusion of her journey on air. This revelation triggered an outpouring of heartfelt reactions from fans, who were evidently taken aback by the unexpected news. Despite the shock, loyal viewers swiftly flocked to her social media platforms to convey their well-wishes, expressing hope for her success in the endeavours that lie ahead.

One Instagram user openly shared the emotional impact, recounting how tears were shed upon witnessing Hellen’s final moments on the screen. “It was a touching moment. You have been a role model for me, and I pray for God’s favour and mercy in all your ventures,” the fan expressed. Hellen reciprocated the love and appreciation, acknowledging the support of her devoted audience.

In a detailed statement, Hellen extended her gratitude to her bosses and colleagues, recognizing the collective effort that contributed to her professional journey. Addressing potential speculations, she clarified, “It’s with deep concern that I want to clarify all the potential confusions emerging regarding my departure from the Royal Media Services.”

Emphatically, she stated that her decision to leave the company was entirely voluntary and not a consequence of any termination or dismissal.

What happened to Hellen Muthoni?

Since taking over as host of the weekly program in 2016, the TV personality has grown to be recognized by her viewership. In a moment filled with emotion, Hellen Muthoni of Inooro TV said goodbye to her position as the host of the cherished Sunday program, “Rurumuka,” capping a seven-year journey that struck a chord with the network’s audience.

Seeking to dispel any misconceptions, Hellen highlighted that the decision was reached amicably, emphasizing her immense gratitude for the enriching experiences and lasting friendships cultivated during her tenure at Royal Media Services.

Despite the closure of this chapter, the question on everyone’s mind remains: What is Hellen Muthoni’s next move? Her departure has left fans and viewers eagerly anticipating the unveiling of her upcoming ventures.

The well-known host of a gospel program has not disclosed her plans, but she has reassured her fans that she will not let go of the station.

The TV personality also expressed gratitude to all of the people who helped her during her seven-year tenure at RMS.

Where is Hellen Muthoni going after leaving Inooro TV?

As she said goodbye, Muthoni kept her next move a secret, leaving her fans interested in what she would do next. But she hasn’t revealed where she was after leaving or where she works now.

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