Where Is Virginia Cha Going After Leaving Kgtv-Tv?

Fans and lovers of Virginia Cha are searching about her next destination after it was reported that she left Kgtv-TV.

Famous Korean American newsreader Virginia Cha most recently worked for KGTV-TV in San Diego. Her position at ABC 10News was as an anchor.

Cha has become incredibly famous and well-known as a result of her great job. In addition, Cha has been working in this area for a long time and is currently enjoying a successful professional career.

Cha worked for HLN, an Atlanta-based network, prior to joining KGTV-TV in San Diego. Additionally, Cha is quitting the local ABC affiliate KGTV-TV after more than a decade of employment there.

Where is Virginia Cha going after resigning from Kgtv- TV?

Virginia Cha is leaving KGTV-TV after working there for more than ten years as an ABC 10News anchor. After her departure, everyone is curious about Cha’s new position.

Where she is headed after quitting the neighbourhood ABC affiliate is not yet known. Cha announced her leaving by posting a picture on her Twitter account on July 4, 2023.

She sent a picture to her coworkers and captioned the image, “News Team Assemble! Hope you and yours have a Happy 4th of July!”.

After that, her admirers and supporters wished her well in the future. “Greetings & Happy Fourth of July 10 News Crew,” someone wrote. Going to miss Virginia Cha; good luck on your travels, Virginia.

Cha will undoubtedly provide more details soon because her admirers and following are anxious to learn about her future move. Therefore, Cha’s Twitter account @10NewsCha can be followed to stay up to speed on her life.

source: www.ghbase.com


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