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Ghana is chaotic now and it will take the contagiousness of entertainment or sports to make us momentarily forget our woes. No matter the circumstances, Ghanians still attach a measure of importance to entertainment programs and wouldn’t hesitate to troop to any venue that has any vibrant activity ongoing. Over the past years, Ghana and neighbouring country Nigeria have been the number one destinations for international artistes.

Though fees charged for these concerts are outrageously exorbitant, revelers scramble for space of the venue whilst thousands are left outside, totally disgruntled. In my boyhood, the first person who I heard was coming to Ghana and was given much publicity was Shabba Ranks. Tall lists of well acclaimed stars have since set foot here to give a good dose of musical treatment to their fans.

Almost every year, some influential people and corporate bodies in Ghana try, as it were, to out-muscle each other by pulling strings to land a very big “fish.” I have been particularly impressed with those who have come here so far (except the egoistic Jay Z). Lots of them lived up to the billing and gave above the par performances that equaled the amount of money paid to them. Jah Rule for instance will forever remain indelible in my memory for his outstanding performance which earned him a plaque from former minister. Shaggy will also be remembered for his stellar performances on two different occasions that he has been in Ghana. My favourite girl, Keri Hilson also drove all the men wild with collections from her repertoire. In short, different artistes representing all genres have been here before.

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So I am wondering which artiste will come this year to lighten our mood and give us a reason for us to continue living in this deteriorating country. Sean Paul is not active; else I would love to see him again. Which artiste to you prefer? Share with us your opinion.


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