While Crucifying Her, Remember To Reward Her For Helping A Street Boy With Money For Food – Clemento Suarez To Child Rights

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Ghanaian comedian and actor, Clemento Suarez has taken to this Instagram page to write a long letter to the Child Rights Organization who have charged actress and entrepreneur Akuapem Poloo of child abuse after she posted a nude photo with her son on her social media page.

Reacting to this, Clemento Suarez took it upon himself to remind the Child Rights Organization about Akuapem Poloo’s benevolent acts towards a young street boy.

“My little princess, “one day you will know.. These are the words of your father”
It’s unfortunate this has happened to you. We are all learning a great lesson from this. Please when you come out don’t do that again ok. I love you. Some of us are sad you are in prison. There is nothing we can do about it…. Oh wait…. we can plead with the president to release you because few years ago three people were sentenced for threatening a judge and the president helped with their release (1..2.3.. Strong guys + their crime was a threat to a whooooole judge – so you 1 person de3 it is koko koraa plus what was your crime?)

Mr president please we beg you. Please your prerogative of mercy under article 72

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If he does not listen to our plea, we will continue to pray for you so you come out stronger and better.

Congratulations to Child rights. You have done a great job. At least this has given us hope that our children have support and their rights are being guarded. Thank you once again for making us know that you exist and are still working for the Ghanaian child. God bless you.

But before I end… I want to also report a case to you. The same Rosemond posted a video of herself with another Ghanaian child who was sleeping on the streets of Ghana and gave him money to help himself. I strongly want to believe that child also has some rights in the country. It will be good to know what the rights of that child are and why he is on the street and why Child rights doesn’t cover him or why that posted escaped you. Thank you once again for the good job you are doing for the children Ghana.

Parents and guardians, celebrities and influencers let’s be very careful out there. There are laws paaaaaa but obi na onyaa wo ho time ntia. So please I beg let’s sons)n ourselves”. He wrote on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Akuapem Poloo has been sentenced to 90 days imprisonment as punishment for her indecent exposure to her son and the general public.

See his full post below;


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