Whitaker Family: Everything You Need To Know About The Inbred Family

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The story of the world’s most popular inbred family, The Whitaker Family has received some wild attention after a content creator made a documentary about them.

Their story is very weird to the extent that some people regard it as horror and in this article, we’re going to learn everything you need to know about The Whitaker Family inbred.

The Whitaker Family is the most popular on American soil as all members of the family are closely related to one another biologically and genetically.

Do inbred families exist?

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Yes, it is very common in America, especially in the southeast region and the most popular inbred family is The Whitaker Family.

A content creator whose channel name is “Soft White Underbelly” has a documentary about The Whitaker Family. The video was published on July 4th, 2020.

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The documentary was made by Mark Latia who photographed the inbred family in 2004 for his book dubbed, “Created Equal”

Inbred Family
Inbred Family

Know The Whitaker Family inbred story

The 60-year-old content creator, Mark Latia made the documentary and shared the video for his pet project. In the clip, he interviews addicts, victims, and weird people around the world which led to the discovery of The Whitaker Family.

With the documentary on the inbred family, the title is “Inbred Family – The Whitakers”. Ever since the video was shared on YouTube, till now has received over 20 million views more than 250k likes from viewers, and 12k dislikes.

The video featured the inbred family from Odd West, Virginia. The documentary shows a British family including elderly people who reside in a small town in the Appalachia region.

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What does inbred look like?

Using The Whitaker Family as an example, the family is very different from normal people you know. When we say they are inbred, it’s basically someone who is born from people who are closely related.

According to a research report, to inbred usually leads to at least a temporary decrease in the biological fitness of a popular but with The Whitaker Family, they are totally a messed-up group of people who lives in abject poverty.

The content creator, Mark Latia set up a GoFundMe to raise money from people to support them due to their poor living conditions.

How are The Whitaker Family related?

The family of the Whitaker included three different siblings and a cousin living in a small home with dogs. They are identified as Lorraine, Ray, Freddie, Timmy, and a sister whose name is unknown.

Aside from these members, several other members were not documented by the content creator. Ray is the only living son who is seen in a conversation with Mark Latia.

Is Whitaker Family dead or alive?

Well, some of the Whitaker family have already died as their parents died long ago no one knew how they were related to one other.

Ray of the family also explained that his brother, Freddie died after suffering from a heart attack.

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