White lady loses her mind and chases everyone around at the Kotoka Intl Airport after her car was clamped for wrong parking

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Presently going viral on social media is footage of a white woman going bonkers at the Kotoka International Airport after her car was clamped by some officials at the airport for wrong parking.

The unnamed woman who thought there was no justification for their action lost her mind and started chasing everyone around to inflict her revenge.

At one point as deduced from the video, she managed to unlock the car clamp, chased one of the airport officials and hurled the device at him in an extreme demonstration of anger.

A police officer who was present at the scene and witnessed everything did little to stop her but eventually reasoned with her to maintain her composure.

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One of the eyewinesses filmed the whole drama and when it was later uploaded online, people keep on wondering why she was not brutally arrested when she started her misdemeanour.

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